The Witherspoon Institute invites you to join the Ambassadors Mentorship Program (AMP). 

Corporate and community members are invited to participate in this state-wide initiative as we AMP up our commitment to teach and reinforce the sound principles of personal and community leadership.  If you are ready to invest in the future of our youth please sign up today!

A step ahead for your future
The three level AMP structure includes an Ambassador, Diplomat and Attache. The Ambassadors receive 4 weeks of 1 day training.  The Diplomat receives 2 weeks of 1 day training and the Attache commitment includes a 1 day training intensive ending with the Ambassador Dinner.

A variety of topics will be included during the AMP training to prepare mentors to help facilitate the youth scholars classroom experience.  This is an evolutionary program developing future one on one mentorship experiences.  

Each class will be assigned an Ambassador, a Diplomat and an Attache to assist the Witherspoon Instructors which includes 1 classroom and 1 dance instructor.  Together the 5 administrators will assist scholars in the areas of leadership, etiquette and ballroom dance.  Classroom size includes 20 scholars.  Scholars will be assigned to one of 4 teams  residing in each class.  

Classroom instruction focuses on individual and collective thought with each scholar leading and learning to take instruction from team mates.  The thread of leadership is woven throughout all instruction.

Fired up and ready to go?  Take steps to begin Mentoring today! 

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